South Asian Women’s Day 2010 Celebrations @ Kirulapone

by Dushiyanthini Kanagasabapathipillai

International campaign on Violence Against Women (VAW) is carried out from 25th November to 10th December every year.

Women from different South Asian countries decided in 2002 to celebrate 30th November as South Asian Women’s Day.

16 day campaign on Violence Against Women is underway along with South Asian Women’s Day.

We stand together!

Many men just stop by to see what is happening here in Kirulapone junction by women.


STOP sexual harassment

Women have rights.Hotlines for help for women.

Let’s stand up against sexual harassment.

Glad to paste stickers of Violence Against Women (VAW) in buses-138,Kottawa-Pettah,Maharagama-Pettah

Pasting stickers on the bus-138 route bus in Kirulapone.

Indrani Kusumalatha&her troupe(Community Encouragement Foundation) sing&perform in Kirulapone now.

Banner in Kirulapone for the campaign on Violence Against Women (VAW).

Respect WOMEN

Respect Humanity.

Work towards sustainable peace and prosperity in the region. WOMEN can make a difference☺

Think seriously about the issue&make your commitment honestly. Treat WOMEN with dignity and equality.

Some school boys giggle and think this is useless. Guys, you need to think for yourself,your mother,your sister&of course your girl friend.

Violence Against Women (VAW) is not a laughing matter! Think aloud, and be wise!

“What a good move by women” says an old gentleman in his White sarong into my right ears☺.We need more men like this gentlemen.

South Asian Women’s Day 2010. I’m extremely happy & humbled to be the first to update an event via my BlackBerry,Twitter, Yfrog while rain & shine.

South Asian Women’s Day is being celebrated today all over South Asia. Let us share and show SOLIDARITY!

Showing the spirit of SOLIDARITY!

Candles are lit at a house in Bambalapitty,Colombo to celebrate ☺ South Asian Women’s Day-2010 ☺

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