In Pictures: “Kara” New Year dawns with Chariot Festival in Thaavady, Jaffna

Pictures from the festival:
By Dushiyanthini Kanagasabapathipillai:

Vasanthan Kooththu in Kokkuvil on “Kara” Tamil Hindu New Year’s eve

Sing and Dance

Vasanthan Kooththu is being performed in Kokkuvil on “Kara” Tamil Hindu New Year’s eve

View of Arulmigu Sri Ambalavaana Vetha Vinaayagar Temple in Thaavady on a warm day

View of the Kopuram&Chariot together on “Kara” Tamil Hindu New Year

Decorated idols of Lord Murugan,Goddesses Valliyammai & Theivayaanai in the chariot & parade.

Men in warm weather pull the chariots in Thaavady

Decorated Vinaayagar idol in the chariot&parades through the streets of Thaavady.

Temple site in Thaavady

Coconuts are being smashed before the Chariot leaves with deities to bless the devotees

Colourful sweets stall in Thaavady

Unusual version of Lord Vinaayagar at Arulmigu Sri Ambalavaana Vetha Vinaayagar Temple on Thaavady

Sanctum of Arulmigu Sri Ambalavaana Vetha Vinaayagar Temple on Thaavady

Women camphor carriers at the festival

View of a “Thanneer Panthal”~Stall to stop&quench thirst during the festival

Beautiful statues at the top of the wedding hall in Thaavady

Men devotees fulfill their vows

Men camphor carriers at the festival,which is quite a rare occasion in Jaffna

Dazzling Deities parade on new year day in Thaavady

Peanuts for sale at the festivity site in Thaavady

View of vicinity in Thaavady on “Kara” Tamil Hindu New Year day

Chariot festival at Arulmigu Sri Ambalavaana Vetha Vinaayagar Temple in Thaavady,Jaffna

Decorated idol of Sandeswarar is pulled by the kids&parades in Thaavady

Gunarajah Mithuraj (5) pulls Sandeswarar’s chariot

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  1. Mandawala Hamuduruvo says:

    Dushyanthi, many thanks for these fresh photos on New year in Jaffna.

  2. vishvajith says:

    Brilliant. Thanks for the pic’s.


  3. jagan sriram says:

    dushy thank you once again for the pictures of yaypanam it really reminds me of yet another tamilnadu town one hopes that kara new year will herald a new dawn in the lives of tamils of srilanka.

  4. dagobert says:

    Dushyanthi, a grateful thanks.
    Looking at pictures, brings emotions. What the peoople of Jaffna have yearned but have been denied.
    Do they show that they need anything or have any demand? No just life embraced with their culture.

    Look at those serene faces… how many would have lost a loved one due to the senseless war & nobody can tell from the outside whats inside their minds.
    Yearn for peace but certainly grieve.

    leave alone who fought the war BUT those who supported to keep the WAR going…. Wonder whether they have a guilt or just selfish & self centered.

    Please keep pictures of events from the North rolling to enable readers to experience the rich culture.

    Thank you once again.