Jaffna ushers along in ‘Nanthana’ Tamil New Year

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Home made Tamil traditional sweets+savoury for the “Nanthana” New Year.

New Almanac for “Nanthana” ~ 26th (of 60 year cycle) Tamil New year.

Sweet rice is offered as “Nanthana” ~ 26th (of 60 year cycle) Tamil New Year dawns today.

Medicinal shower on the new year with “Maruththu Neer”.

“I hope and pray this New Year brings some good news about my husband” says a wife of an ex combatant in Jaffna.

“Festivals & auspicious days meant to make people happy.But we are not happy to celebrate anything because our father is missing” says a son.

“We will not celebrate any festival or auspicious day until our father returns home” says a daughter whose father surrendered in May 2009.

“My children keep asking me “where is their father?” I don’t have any answer” says a wife of a combatant who surrendered in May 2009.

“I never expected to be alive. I surrendered+rehabilitated+released. But, I don’t know what future holds for me” ~ an ex male combatant in Jaffna.

“My search will continue to find my husband” says a wife of a combatant who surrendered to the security forces in May 2009.

I surrendered+rehabilitated+released. But my wife has remarried&refuses to accept me.I’m helpless&I don’t want to live” ~ an ex male combatant

“I safely brought a Myna, which was my elder brother’s pet.He was killed in battle.Myna died in Vavuniya. I’m sad now”~a combatant’s brother

Malaayan Cafe in Jaffna is filled with visitors from the South who want to taste better vegetarian food.

Jaffna bustles with New Year Shoppers.

Household items including plastic, clothing and plants brought from Colombo occupy the streets of Jaffna.

“Kuyil” or the humming birds keep on tweeting on the eve of Tamil and Sinhala New Year.

My photo (from http://ramboda.blogspot.com/) as the cover photo of Kalaikesari April 2012 issue

“Hanuman will protect us, let’s buy magazine & read” ~ a customer while buying latest issue of Kalaikesari at Poobalasingam book depot in Jaffna.

“Selling latest models of motor bikes is the best business in Jaffna. Men & women want to ride motor bikes here” says Raj.

Traditional investment on gold diminishes from Jaffna community.Gold price increases, artificial jelwellery available & prevent from robbery.

Change of Colour ~ Thanthai Selva’s statue in Jaffna is painted with gold!

Few checkpoints and sentry points removed in Jaffna.

“I’m glad to get my house back after 20 years” says Baskaran in Jaffna. His house has been occupied by the security forces.

“They’ve come from Canada & asking us to leave the house now. We took care of it when they feared of LTTE & left” ~ resident in Chaavakachcheri.

“Jaffna is dirty & weather is too hot” ~ Tamil Canadian family makes fuss. They’ve come to enjoy the fresh toddy+seafood+home grown vegetables.

Marathons+musical shows are conducted by the security forces+state media+private companies to celebrate the Sinhala+Tamil new year in Jaffna.

“Kai Visedam” or first cash transaction for the “Nanthana” Tamil new year takes place today, April 15, 2012

(Bundle of tweets posted on twitter by DushiYanthini Kanagasabapathipillai on New Year’s eve and on the Day of New Year)

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