In Maruthamunai: Tears, trial and triumph of humanity

by Dushiyanthini Kanagasabapathipillai

“I lost 12 family members in Boxing Day Tsunami in 2004 including my parents” Abdul Hameed Sithy Quatha (30) in Maruthamunai.

“Lost our house as well. Human loss is irreplaceable. I managed to safe my sister’s baby” cries & describes her unforgettable memories of Tsunami

“The waves hit the height of a coconut tree in Maruthamunai.When I screamed “Sea waves are coming to our place, nobody believed me”.

“I immediately ran while asking everybody to leave,and took nothing except my sister’s just born baby”.

“I survived standing on an empty piece of concrete slab at few feet with the baby tightly held to my both hands”.

“I used to have nightmares after Tsunami.I did not want to live,but others gave a moral support to rebuild my life.I got a sewing machine”.

“I began to stitch dresses.I started to concentrate on my life slowly.I got married in 2006. My daughter Ayesha Setha was born in 2007”.

“I got a house from an organisation. I miss living with my beloved parents.It is very difficult to forget the memories of Tsunami”.

“I want to educate my daughter,I want her to become a teacher. I sew and earn some money. My husband is very supportive”.

“My prayers are always with the families which lost its loved ones. We have to be prepared to face disasters” says Abdul Hameed Sithy Quatha.

Abdul Hameed Sithy Quatha burst into uncontrollable tears,and queries continuously whether the mankind has not treated the ocean well?

in Dec 2004-more pictures from Maruthamunai
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