Anguru: An exhibition of Charcoal drawings

by Dushiyanthini Kanagasabapathipillai

Life is the art of drawing without an eraser” ~ John W. Gardner,(1919-2002), American Writer and Secretary of Health and Welfare

Artists mostly use pencils, pen, ink, brushes, canvass, water colours, graphite, wax, colour pencils, crayons, chalk, pastels, markers, stylus or various metals like silverpoint to bring out their imagination into images –

Anguru, an exhibition of Charcoal drawings was held at Lionel Wendt Gallery in Colombo from July 2nd 2010 to July 4th 2010. It was organized by the Vibhavi Academy of Fine Arts (VAFA).

Anguru showcased a selected collection of charcoal drawing works by the student artists. They have drawn these drawings after taking part in a three day drawing workshop, which was conducted by one of the lecturers at the Vibhavi Academy of Fine Arts (VAFA) Kingsley Gunathilake in October 2009. The main intention of the workshop carried out during October was to have a better self- understanding of drawings.

Kinglsey Gunathilake speaking about the exhibition further says “Today drawing has been so complicated since there are any medium of drawing such as brushes, charcoal, pencils, water colours, methods such as cutting, scraping. Nevertheless the main focus of the exhibition is to experiment on charcoal and produce a set of charcoal drawings.

Along with the usage of the new medium they started observing the human figure in a very different manner other than observing technically. However, this was enjoyed among all and it was more a sport than an activity. This process affected most students picking up the methods.

They were slow and fast, able to discover moods exceeded the limits etc. Consequently they were free enough to discover on their own”.

At the main entrance of the venue

Charcoal is used in art for drawing

People have made rock and cave drawings since prehistoric times according to research

Artists generally utilize charcoal in three forms such as Vine Charcoal, Compressed Charcoal and Powered Charcoal

Compressed charcoal is used to make charcoal pencils

Most drawing media are either dry (example- graphite, charcoal, pastels, Conté, and silverpoint), or water based (marker, pen and ink)

Traditional drawings were moslty monochrome

Drawing is a non-verbal thinking process

Drawing is a form of visual expression and is one of the major forms within the visual arts

When paper became generally available from the 14th century onwards, artists’ drawings, both preparatory studies and finished works, became increasingly common

Charcoal drawings need extra care as they can easily be erased or smudged

Charcola drawings have a rustic charm

Drawing is a process till the expected image is created

Charcoal drawings produces a stunning picture in black and white

Charcoal drawing was used for preliminary drawings during the early years of human history

Charcoal is perhaps the oldest artistic medium, dating from the time of the caveman

During the Early and Middle Renaissance periods, many artists used charcoal drawing for study and exercises

The early origins of charcoal based drawings are found in the caves of Lascaux, France

There are a number of subcategories of drawing, including cartooning

Many drawings, such as Charles White’s “Silent Song,” are composed solely in charcoal that are notable for their intuitive processes

Charcoal is one of the oldest drawing media and is commonly used by artists even today

Since the 14th century, each century has produced artists who have created great drawings

The composition of the image is an important element in producing an interesting piece of art

There are many painters who have made excellent charcoal drawings such as Paul Gaugin and Charles White

The two most generally used woods for charcoal drawing are willow and wine

Charcoal was first used more than 30,000 years ago to make some of the earliest cave paintings according to a research

Charcoal may seem a mundane material

Charcoal has remained a popular medium for artists

Kingsley Gunathilake motivated his students to hold an exhibition

Many images in Charcoal were created during a short period

The students were constantly guided throughout the process

Many artists prefer charcoal, partly because of its blackness

These drawings have no colour except black and grey lines

The exhibition drew the attention of many art lovers

Many students artists want to experiment Charcoal images

The basic stage of art, sculpture, architecture or a graphic is known as the drawing

Artistic ability was experimented well

“We are happy that we managed to create some images and hold an exhibition” said the participants

It was a first experience of holding exhibition for most of the student artists

Drawing is known as the spirit of all arts

Commonly drawing is defined as an activity, or a technique which is individually considered

Charcoal’s major advantage is its versatility

It is believed that Charcoal was extensively used in 15th Century to produce fine art

Charcoal can be used to produce either a soft or strong quality of line

The charcoal is experimented in many different methods and mediums however this was a novel experience to all participants

According to European tradition “drawing” means drawing according to equipment

According to Japanese art drawing and painting cannot be separated. However the basic stage of any art, sculpture architecture or a graphic is known as the drawing

The main focus of the exhibition was to experiment on charcoal and produce a set of charcoal drawings

The student artists enjoyed making Charcoal drawings

“I never realised that Charcoal drawings are very powerful” said Pieris

Participating student artists at the venue
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Aadi: A month of festivals, celebration and observances

by Dushiyanthini Kanagasabapathipillai

Aadi Pirappu or the birth of the Tamil month of Aadi is being traditionally celebrated today-July 17th 2010. The Month of Aadi is associated with the festivals in Goddess temples around Sri Lanka.

The month of Aadi is considered inauspicious and people desist from doing anything auspicious. But it is considered auspicious for Shakthi (Goddess) worship. Many thronged the temples to invoke blessings of the Goddess. Aadi continues till August 16th 2010.

The day and the month are of great significance as Dhakshinayana Punnikaalam begins on this day, the Sun changes its course. Next six months from Aadi to Margazhi is considered to be the nighttime of the Devars.

Since it is the beginning of the nighttime of Devars people believe that the month of Aadi is inauspicious and important ceremonies such as weddings should not be held during this month.

On the other hand, Aadi is a month of fervour and observances in Goddess. It is also a month of festivals. The month long celebrations are linked with charity and magnanimity. The month is observed with great éclat.

Pachchai Amman is worshipped by the unmarried women during the Tamil month of Aadi. She is called the “Goddess of Marriage” as she blesses those awaiting marriage to enter into wedlock.

Statue of famous poet Navaaliyoor Somasunthara Pulavar (1878-1953) in Jaffna.

Somasunthara Pulavar composed the famous song to celebrate the Aadi Pirappu -“ஆடிப் பிறப்புக்கு நாளை விடுதலை, ஆனந்தம் ஆனந்தந் தோழர்களே!”

He lived in Jaffna from 1878 – 1953. He has composed more than 15,000 poems. His parents were Kathirgamar and Ilakkumipillai from Navaaly. Navaaliyoor Somasunthara Pulavar has learnt Tamil literature and grammar from Arunaachala Master from Navaaliyoor. He has composed a lovely song to celebrate Aadi Pirappu or the birth of the Tamil month Aadi.

ஆடிப் பிறப்புக்கு நாளை விடுதலை
ஆனந்தம் ஆனந்தந் தோழர்களே!
கூடிப் பனங்கட்டிக் கூழுங் குடிக்கலாம்
கொழுக்கட்டை தின்னலாம் தோழர்களே!

பாசிப்பயறு வறுத்துக் குற்றிச் செந்நெற்
பச்சையரிசி இடித்துத் தெள்ளி
வாசப் பருப்பை அவித்துக் கொண்டு நல்ல
மாவைப் பதமாய் வறுத்தெடுத்து

வேண்டிய தேங்காய் உடைத்துத் துருவியே
வேலூரிற் சர்க்கரை யுங்கலந்து
தோண்டியில் நீர்விட்டு மாவை யதிற்கொட்டிச்
சுற்றிக் குழைத்துத் திரட்டிக் கொண்டு

வில்லை வில்லையாக மாவைக் கிள்ளித் தட்டி
வெல்லக் கலவையை உள்ளேயிட்டுப்
பல்லுக் கொழுக்கட்டை அம்மா அவிப்பளே
பார்க்கப் பார்க்கப் பசி தீர்ந்திடுமே

பூவைத் துருவிப் பிழிந்து பனங்கட்டி
போட்டுமா வுருண்டை பயறுமிட்டு
மாவைக் கரைத்தம்மா வார்த்துத் துழாவுவள்
மணக்க மணக்கவா யூறிடுமே

குங்குமப் பொட்டிட்டுப் பூமாலை சூடியே
குத்துவிளக்குக் கொழுத்தி வைத்து
அங்கிள நீர்பழம் பாக்குடன் வெற்றிலை
ஆடிப் படைப்பும் படைப்போமே

வன்னப் பலாவிலை ஓடிப் பொறுக்கியே
வந்து மடித்ததைக் கோலிக்கொண்டே
அன்னை அகப்பையால் அள்ளி அள்ளிவார்க்க
ஆடிப் புதுக்கூழ் குடிப்போமே

வாழைப் பழத்தை உரித்துத் தின்போம்நல்ல
மாவின் பழத்தை அறுத்துத் தின்போம்
கூழைச் சுடச்சுட ஊதிக் குடித்துக்
கொழுக்கட்டை தன்னைக் கடிப்போமே

ஆடிப் பிறப்புக்கு நாளை விடுதலை
ஆனந்தம் ஆனந்தந் தோழர்களே!
கூடிப் பனங்கட்டிக் கூழும் குடிக்கலாம்
கொழுக்கட்டை தின்னலாம் தோழர்களே!

Aadi Koozh which is sweet made at a Hindu house to celebrate the Aadi Pirappu or the birth of the Tamil month of Aadi

Kozhukattai-Tamil traditional sweet is made at a Hindu house to celebrate the Aadi Pirappu or the birth of the Tamil month of Aadi

Ten Heads, Ten Minds, A Hundred Voices, One Man

from the twitter pages of DushiYanthini

Ten Heads,Ten Minds,A Hundred Voices,One Man.

I am on my way to the VIP show of much waited Raavanan movie in Tamil. I am humbled by the invitation extended to me to the VIP show.

The premiere show (VIP Show) in aid of Colombo Hindu College in Ratmalana. The VIP show is being held at Cine City in Maradana.

Perfect performance by the class actor Vickram in Raavanan.

Usure Pogudhe

Vickram’s and Aishwarya Rai Bachchan’s amazing acting, Vairamuththu’s lovely lyrics & A.R.Rahman’s marvellous music fit perfectly for Raavanan.

Meaningful dialogue for Raavanan by the veteran actress and ManiRatnam’s wife Suhashini.

Beautiful photography throughout the movie adds extra colour to Raavanan. Locations are amazing.

Excellent pieces of choreography by Shobhana and others.

Vickram-Priyamani’s elder brother and younger sister relationship and their fantastic acting brought tears to the eyes and made many to cry.

Karthik is back on the Tamil Silver screen after a long time and acts equally well.

Raavanan in Tamil,Hindi and Telugu will be released tomorrow and it’s expected to hit almost 550 theatres all around the world.

Raavanan: Yet another masterpiece by ManiRatnam. Many cinema fans are looking forward to watch Raavanan on Friday-June 18th 2010 itself.

June 20, 2010:

Newly released Raavanan songs in Tamil are being played continuously in the luxury bus from Colombo-Jaffna.

This brings back cherishing memories of my journey from Colombo-Jaffna by A9 highway during the 1980s.

The songs generate concrete discussion among the passengers. And Raavaan songs are set as the ringing tone for many mobile phones.

June 21:

Raavanan songs are being played at the small eating boutiques in Jaffna Peninsula.

June 22:

By popular demand going to watch Raavanan in Tamil again at Rajah theatre in Jaffna.

Many in pair to watch Raavanan in Tamil.

Cinema fans sing along-“Kaattu Sirukki” in high pitch.

Raavanan in Tamil is awesome compare to Raavan in Hindi.

June 23:

Current topic for discussion is “Madipichchai” which is commonly carried out in Jaffna.

Normally in a traditional Jaffna society women carry out the “Madipichchai”.

But in Raavanan-recently released Tamil movie Vairamuththu has beautifully woven the words to express a man’s longing for true love.

“Maaman Thavikkiran Madipichchai Kekkiran Manasa Thaadiyen Manikuyile”-absolute sentence in “Usure Pogudhey”song& Karthik sings beautifully.

June 26:

Going to watch Raavanan in Tamil for the 3rd time with my former mates at Concord.The theatre is full of Vickram fans.

Although award winning Priyamani acts in a short role as Vickram’s only sister-Vennila, she acts beautifully.

Vickram’s acting takes the overall lead for untouchable love.

Sri Lanka’s 207 Centimetres Tall Tamil Netball Champion

From Asia Calling:

Now, we move to Sri Lanka where our Colombo correspondent, DushiYanthini Kanagasabapathipillai, takes us to meet the tallest female netball player in Asia – Tharjini Sivalingam.

She stands at 6ft 10in (that’s 207 centimetres) and she is also a Tamil.

Her sport, netball, is like basketball but you can’t run with the ball or bounce it.

Twelve months after the end of the decade’s long civil war that divided Sri Lanka’s Tamil and Sinhalese communities for three decades, Sri Lanka is undergoing a period of uncomfortable reconciliation.

Tharjini Sivalingam’s success is not just a source of national pride; it is also a win for the Tamil community.

Last year, Tharjini Sivalingam brought glory to herself and the country. The Sri Lankan netball team emerged the winner of the Asian Championship in 2009. In the final game, she scored 74 of 77 goals.

“My shooting average is 100 percent. Now, I am very happy.”

As a young woman growing up in the predominantly Tamil city of Jaffna, Tharjini Sivalingam was often teased about her extraordinary height. It wasn’t easy for her.

To get on a bus she had to bend herself right over.

Buying clothes and shoes was also difficult.

“Those time, I am staying in my home town Jaffna. That time I am very sad. All people looking at my height. Now, never mind. I am the player. Positive and ok now.”

Her family supported her, but the difficulties she faced clearly caused her family some pain.

“Earlier, I don’t know, my friend told me my mother is very sad. Sometimes she is crying, now my mother is happy, I think. Tallest and famous, no? That’s the reason my mother is now very happy.”

Being selected for the national team has been hugely important in Tharjini Sivalingam’s life, turning her from the subject of teasing to one of admiration.

“I think I am very proud in myself and happy. I think happy. My friends are happy, my parents are happy, all the people are happy. I am playing netball.”

Thilaka Dhammika Jinadasa is the coach of the Sri Lankan netball team.

“I look at Tharjini as an asset for Sri Lanka. She is like a backbone for the national team. Earlier we had lack of shooting. Now, we are 100 percent confident that when the ball goes to the attacking side, it will be a successful game, because of Tharjini.”

Tharjini is not only the tallest woman on the team.

She is the only Tamil.

The rest of her teammates are Sinhalese.

This is sometimes a problem when the players and the coach mostly speak in Sinhalese or English which are second languages for Tharjini.

“On your way back, lean back, lean back. Opposite foot”.

Ishara Harshini Kiriella is one of Tharjini Sivalingam’s teammates.

“Though she is Tamil, she is a good player and good friend .Most of the time in past days she was not talking with us, she was bit nervous, but now she is ok. Now she told everything to us. I think she was shy those days, now she is ok. She is good.”

Her height has helped secure the fortunes of the Sri Lankan netball team. It also brought her confidence and personal success.

It has also brought a certain amount of fame and admiration from her fellow Tamils.

Lakshman Rajkumar is a tuk tuk driver in Colombo.

“I am very happy because she being a Tamil got a place to play for the national team in Sri Lanka. It’s God’s wish. She was born in Jaffna and got selected to play for the national team.”

Sri Lanka College of Journalism celebrates Vesak

by Dushiyanthini Kanagasabapthipillai

Vesak is considered as the holiest day in Buddhism. Buddhists in Sri Lanka are currently celebrating Vesak festival. Vesak Day was celebrated by the Sri Lanka College on May 26th 2010 at its auditorium.

The college was beautifully decorated with lanterns, colour lights, fresh Lotus flowers, coconut palm leaves and oil lamps. It was celebrated with high enthusiasm.

Devout Buddhists undertake to lead a noble life according to the teaching by making daily affirmations to observe the five precepts. The Five Precepts are commitments to abstain from killing, stealing, sexual misconduct, lying and intoxication.

Pavala Malligai flowers on nealtky woven coconut palm leave at the entrance

It is a joyful occasion

Vesak is a major festival of the year

View from the street

Betel leaves and arecanut served for the Buddhist monk

Sermon is delivered on Buddha’s teachings and mankind

Fresh Lotus flowers are offered

Buddhist statue is decorated with fresh flowers,oil lmap and incence

Lotus flowers and oil lamps add extra colour to the festival

Venerable Brahmanawatte Seewalee Thero is seen delivering the sermon

Tradition ascribes to the Buddha himself instruction on how to pay him homage

While sermon is being delivered

Things for the Buddhist monk are being worshipped
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